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Learn to build the personal tools needed to care for your body, mind, emotions, and relationships.

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Manage Your Mental Health

Build emotional strength

Develop healthy thinking patterns, manage stress and anxiety, understand sadness and depression, and overcome anger.

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What does a class look like?

Classes are small so that you can get the help you need, ask the questions you have, and get the attention you deserve. Our teachers are world-class and can help you find answers to any questions you may have.

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Las Vegas

Monday & Wednesday (6:30PM-7:30PM)
100 East Hammer Lane, NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nevada 89030
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Las Vegas

Tueday & Thursday (6:30PM-7:30PM)
1991 West Washburn Road, NORTH LAS VEGAS, Nevada 89031-0718
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Commonly Asked Questions

What is an Emotional Resilience class?

Emotional Resilience is a class that teaches practical and spiritual skills to promote mental wellness, allowing you to better manage your emotions and relationships.

What topics are covered in the Emotional Resilience class?

The Emotional Resilience class covers the following topics: 
-Build Emotional Strength
-Develop Healthy Thinking Patterns
-Manage Stress and Anxiety
-Understand Sadness and Depression
-Overcome Anger
-Manage Addictive Behaviors
-Build Healthy Relationships

What should I expect in an Emotional Resilience class?

Emotional Resilience classes meet in small groups and offer a safe place for honest sharing and learning. Participants follow the principle of confidentiality using uplifting language and behavior. With the support of group members, participants will develop increased mental and emotional strength to navigate life’s challenges.

Where are the classes available?

Emotional Resilience classes are available in person at local church buildings for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as virtually via Zoom. You be able to find the online classes from the "Find a Class" search page.

Who teaches the Emotional Resilience classes?

Our courses are led by facilitators and teachers—real, local people from within the community. The materials follow a professional curriculum which provide the expertise. The Spirit and the power of the group make each class engaging and filled with positive energy.

What is the cost of the Emotional Resilience class?

Emotional Resilience classes are sponsored by members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint and available at no cost to the community. Anyone is welcome to attend!


What Do Participants Say?

We offer the best service with the best results.


"It was a wonderful experience, and by the end of it, I had formed friendships and bonds on a personal level. It was really, really wonderful.”


"Living in the modern world, there's a lot of natural emotional distress that comes with just living your life. This class taught me how to control my emotions rather than letting those emotions control me.”


"Emotional Resilience helped my wife and I build a stronger bond with each other. We learned about managing our thoughts, and how thoughts lead to emotions and actions."

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