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Commonly Asked Questions

What is EnglishConnect?

EnglishConnect is a FREE English speaking class for beginning or intermediate learners consisting of courses that effectively teach reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills!

What is the cost of the EnglishConnect class?

All classes are completely FREE! Our purpose is to provide the community with practical life skills as well as spiritual benefits. Anyone is welcome to attend!

Where are EnglishConnect classes held?

EnglishConnect classes are held inside of local churches of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints where visitors are always welcome. Once you've signed up for a class, you will be contacted by a Community Life Help representative who can answer any questions and let you know of your specific classroom location.

What should I bring to class?

Everything that is needed for the class will be provided. Materials are online. You are welcome to bring a notebook and pen to take notes. Feel free to invite any of your friends and family to join you in the class.


What Do Participants Say?

We offer the best service with the best results.


"My job is to help immigrants who come to this country. I found Community Life Help classes provide helpful tools for participants of all backgrounds. They find support, they find friends, and they find resources to help them in their life. Come and try, come and see for yourself."


"EnglishConnect classes offer an opportunity to not only learn English, but to get support and to gain friendships. The English classes are taught in levels to meet everyone’s needs. Continuation in these classes can lead to a future of obtaining a college education. It’s so worth it! And it’s FREE!"


"This program offers opportunities for better employment and education. English opens a different world of communication with its related positive outcomes."

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