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Community Life Help's gospel-based classes teach practical and spiritual principles that help you progress in your life.

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Classes meet in small groups at local churches and virtually. The program is offered to the community at no cost by volunteers who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


Learn and improve English skills to expand your opportunities for employment, education, service and friendship.
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Emotional Resilience

Learn practical and spiritual skills for mental and emotional health, allowing you to better manage emotions and relationships.
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Personal Finance

Learn money management principles to eliminate debt, prepare for financial hardships, and invest in the future.
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Family History & Genealogy

Learn family history research skills and create a family tree with a FamilySearch consultant.
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Job Seeking Skills

Develop job seeking skills and the expertise needed to find a better job that provides temporal and spiritual blessings.
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Emergency Preparedness

Gain the knowledge and skills necessary to plan and prepare for times of emergency in your local area.
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Commonly Asked Questions

What are Community Life Help classes?

Community Life Help classes are courses for educational and self-improvement purposes. They are designed to teach practical and spiritual principles to help you progress in your life.

We want you to know that you are not alone. No matter what you're experiencing, there is always help. Start a free class today and learn to overcome your everyday challenges.  

Are there any costs associated with the classes?

All classes are completely FREE! Our purpose is to provide the community with practical life skills as well as spiritual benefits. Anyone is welcome to attend!

What should I expect?

Community Life Help classes meet in small supportive groups. Participants will engage in class activities and receive feedback on progress to help them get on the pathway to success.

Who teaches the classes?

Teachers are experienced and trained, but are not licensed professionals. The professional materials provide the expertise. The Spirit and the power of the group make each class engaging and filled with positive energy.

What should I bring to class?

Everything that is needed for the class will be provided. You are welcome to bring something to take notes with, as well as invite any of your friends and family to join you in the class.

What if a class is not available near me?

If a class is currently not available, leave us with your information and we will work to start a class near you!


What are others saying?

“I took the Emotional Resilience class because raising teenagers is really hard. I gained resources to help my children deal with struggles and develop skills to be resilient. This class teaches things that everyone should know.”

Emotional Resilience Participant

"I have been through a lot of hard things in my life. These classes taught me how to handle life situations better. You have a group where the things you talk about stay there. Check out one class at least. It helps. It helps a lot.”

Emotional Resilience Participant

"Going to these classes helps you master some of life’s most important skills. Those skills become your superpower. You become a better friend, better family member, better co-worker, and a better person.”

Emotional Resilience Participant

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